Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Without Faith Works is dead

While I know I’m going to sound like a faith preacher, I’m not.
It’s just without faith there is no salvation, without faith prayer is just empty words and worship just nice singing. Faith alone isn’t enough it needs an object and that object is Christ himself.

I believe it’s the prayer of faith that changes things and when people don’t know who and what they are in Christ, they can’t pray in faith because they don’t have a leg to stand on. If you truly want people to change their attitude and their life, tell them who and what they really are!

A Believer’s standing or position in Christ is the sole result of the work of Christ, and is perfect and complete from the very moment that Christ is received by faith.
This standing before God is provided by His grace through faith alone and has nothing to do with any good works a person may do. "For by grace are ye save through faith…."

We start by faith in Christ, we continue by faith in Christ, and we end by faith in Christ.
It is important to remember that your standing or position in Christ will never change. You did not receive it by being good enough or by keeping some law, it was a gift of God by grace through faith in what Christ has already done for you. Nothing you can ever do, good or bad, will ever change that.

You need to keep that in mind as God works through your entire Christian life to conform you to your standing in His Son, matching your practice with your position.

Through faith and His grace God has already made the Body of Christ to be what ministers through the Law are trying to make it become, pure and holy.

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