Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ten Little Commandments

There are so many things that Christians believe to be true and Biblical that aren’t really part of God’s word at all. They have heard ministers say a certain thing is true for so long that they believe it without question. Some of the incorrect doctrines that are taught aren’t that important while others are. Many of us have believed a lie for many years and when shown the truth refuse to believe it because it’s more comfortable to believe what you’ve been taught and come to accept. Much of what Christians believe today come from the Gentile church of the fourth and fifth centuries, from the Catholicism of the middle and dark ages, the Protestantism of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. And quite frankly, it’s wrong. I’m not sure that most people really want to know the truth, it’s too uncomfortable and it necessitates the restructuring of their theology, and their denominational doctrines, their traditions and dogmas.
Without getting in to any heavy doctrines that might offend someone let me make the point in a little less painful way.
When you picture the tablets of stone that contained the Ten Commandments, what do you picture? Do you see Moses coming down the mountain with these massive tablets under each arm?
The truth is, the Bible shows that Moses was able to carry both stones in one hand (Exodus 32:15). No, not in one arm. He carried both stones in one hand. The stones were actually quite small – about pocket-size in dimension. They were small slate-like stones that could be carried in the palm of one hand, though to keep them from rubbing together he often carried them in both hands (Deuteronomy 9:15).

And another point that is usually not understood. Each stone had the Ten Commandments written on both its sides, not on one side alone (Exodus 32:15).
I realize that this is not an important point, but it just demonstrates how far Christian beliefs have fallen from the truths of the scripture. There are so many other things that we believe today that are not in God’s word the way we’ve been taught. Some of them are posted here on this blog. It is important to understand the real truth of what is written in God’s Word and not be influenced by theologians, priests and church leaders who have erroneously concocted false biblical teachings over the centuries. It’s time to put away the lies and rightly divide the Word of truth.

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