Sunday, January 31, 2010

Does it really matter?

I have really never understood why the Wasicu knowing all that they know continue to celebrates things like Christmas and Easter, is it really alright to celebrate The Christ’s birth on December 25th, the birthday of Mithra the Sun God. What can it hurt? After all, isn’t "Jesus the reason for the season".

There’s an old Indian saying "People will never find the truth if they give up looking for it". What I’m trying to say is that when you except a lie, that’s when you stop searching for the truth. And The Truth isn’t a thing, it’s a person, it Yehoshua and He’s so much better than the pagan traditions, so much more exciting the Western interpretations and dogmas.

In Leviticus the 23rd chapter, The Lord establishes seven feasts or festival of the Lord. If Christians only understood the mysteries of these festival, the born from above children of God, would never look to pagan holidays to worship their Yehovah.

Of these seven Feasts or Festivals Yehoshua has sealed five by events in His life.
"The Passover of the Lord": His Crucifixion
"The Festival of Unleavened Bread": His Resurrection
"The Festival of First Fruits": His Ascension
"The Festival of Pentecost": He Established His Church
"The Festival of Tabernacles": when God came to tabernacle on Earth – His Birth, the last days of September and first days of October.

His Birth:
Because of the archeological finds of the twentieth century we now have many more of the ancient manuscripts or parts of ancient manuscripts than ever before. Since 1930’s organizations have been willing to fund archeological digs to find evidence to support the scriptures. Since the Jewish people along with the Chinese and Egyptians have been among the worlds most prolific record keepers we have found many Hebrew manuscripts dating back as far as the time of Isaiah.

Some of the manuscripts found in the Qumran community recorded that Caesar Augustus decreed that all the world should be taxed (Luke chapter two) so that we have the time of year the people went to register. Because it was in the seventh month (Tishri) 15-22, the end of our Sept., the first part of our Oct. it coincides with the Feasts of Tabernacles.

We know the scriptures say that as Mary and Joseph were traveling to Judea to register for the tax "she was great with child" "And she brought forth her firstborn son"

If you start with the Passover at April 14th, you count 8 weeks and that brings you to June 9 - 15. This is the time period when Zachariah would be in the Temple ministering. John the Baptist would be conceived. Give Zachariah a few days to get home and talk to Elisabeth about it. John is going to be conceived in late June. Six months later would put you in the middle of December. If John is conceived as shown, then the conception of Christ occurs between December 22 to 25th. That will put the birth of John in March and the birth of Christ somewhere between September 22 and about the 3rd of October. So you have Christ born in late September or early October during the Feasts of Tabernacles.

Anyway, getting back to the Feast or Festivals, there are only two Festivals left, "The Festival of Trumpets", (guess what happen then – when you hear that trumpet, I believe you’ll be gone) and "The Day of Atonement", I can’t prove it, but I believe with all my heart that that’s when Yehoshua comes back to set-up His Kingdom.

He hasn’t missed a Festival yet, and I don’t believe He’s going to in the future. But no one that’s trades the real for the artificial will ever appreciate the hope that’s hidden in these scriptures. It doesn’t matter? I think it does.

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